Presencing Completion

I write you from the MayDay Cafe by Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. My car is filled with clothes, food, hula hoop, tinctures, instruments, camping supplies, and things only a yoga teacher would deem necessary to travel with. I’ve done it! I’ve packed up my material life.

Packing up my emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to be ready for the journey has been a bit more challenging. Flowing through Wisconsin and sharing love and nourishment with family and friends felt so so good. Traveling creates this yummy space for total presence; when we’re out of our routines and busy schedules, we remember that all we’re really here to do is meet each moment with loving awareness. In giving our authentic selves, we discover who we really are when our comforts and usual identity markers are taken away. We find ourselves out of context.

It was a gift to celebrate the Jewish New Year with my family and friends, and I’m still warmed by the thoughts (and hey maybe the extra love on my body from all that great food). Then it was time to get real about preparing for this trip/move. Thankfully, Kohenet Taya Shere posted one last lesson for our online course Presencing the Priestess Body: Presencing Completion. YESS! With this framework, I witnessed myself complete a 17 year cycle in Minnesota.

I noticed that I seemed to regress, journeying back through cycles I thought I’d worked through. I re-created a duality between my living at my parents’ house and moving to Arizona or California. My past limitations, self-criticisms, doubts, habits and illusions came back out to play. Anxiety, over-eating, indulging in things that don’t truly feed me, ego traps, and that desire to just crawl in bed and binge on Garfunkel and Oates (great show if you haven’t watched it) all showed up. Thankfully, I met them with the tools I’ve gained. Connecting with my parents felt more difficult as we experienced an intense push and pull that on some level always exists. They would say things about how I shouldn’t leave, imagine worst case scenarios, etc., grieving the loss of the way things have been until now. Of course they don’t want me to move far away; I’m lucky to have parents who love me and enjoy being with me. At the same time, they do want to support me and to help me prepare logistically to leave. That support sometimes felt overwhelming; I wanted to do this myself! I crave independence! It’s time for me to do things my way! And yet I appreciated their help and attention. So here we are in that awkward moment of another labor, giving birth to my new life and separating from the womb that has supported my growth thus far. It’s been a great place to grow! And now it’s time to expand.

Following Taya’s suggestion of approaching completion from a YES to what I’m moving toward…

  • developing and honoring my inner senses
  • following my heart
  • freedom
  • flow
  • connecting with people who inspire me
  • exploring partnership
  • giving myself time and opportunities for creative expression
  • open possibilities
  • participating in an infinite cycle of nourishment
  • visiting places and people I love

Completing in a way that denies myself those things (with stress, scarcity, etc) feels incongruent and causes me to doubt my ability to be in alignment on my trip. Aha! Makes sense. Storing that one in the files.

I’m feeling pretty awesome about how I’ve handled this phase. Giving myself Reiki, getting outside, rituals, meditation, time with loved ones, setting intentions, dancing/movement, affirmations and just DOING the things I need to do to get ready have helped a ton. So now I find myself finishing this post in perfect timing to get to my dear friend Justin’s house, where friends from all corners of my life will come together to creatively connect! We’ll eat good food, play music, write blessings to be scattered across the country, meet new friends, and have some epic hugs. Probably 90% of it will be hugs.

Then I get to pick Marcos up for a sleepover at my parents’ house before we set out at 6am for the Black Hills National Forest!!!!!! WOOHOO!

Thank you for witnessing and co-creating with me! Loving you here in this moment with smiles about what’s to come 🙂



Kohenet: The Revival of the Sacred Feminine

Few things about my life after October are certain. The strongest knowing I have about the next stage of my life is that it will include my continued training as a Kohenet, a Jewish Priestess. Kohenet is a movement of “embodied, earth-based, transformative Jewish ritual”. We are coming up out of the woodwork, many of us sisters, and finding our way to the Bay Area to begin the first ever Kohenet West training with Rabbi Jill Hammer and Kohenet Taya Shere. This week I celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, in a community facilitated by my friend and local Kohenet Sharon Jaffe. I met Sharon at Jewish Renewal services, and got to know her through her Wild Shebrews offerings, gatherings that took us through the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot in a journey from liberation to revelation. Sharon introduced me to the Kohenet world, and connected me to my first piece of training: an online course this summer on Prescencing the Priestess Body. Taya is a resonant teacher for me. I sense the deep power emerging through this revival of the Sacred Feminine in Judaism. Watch below to hear Kohenet Sharon Jaffe and our friend Amjoa Three Rivers share their perspectives on this transformation ❤

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

Mark Manson, self-described “Author, Thinker, Life Enthusiast” approaches the idea of life’s purpose from a different perspective than I, yet we reach a similar place of understanding. Read his funny, to-the-point article here and ask yourself questions like “What kind of shit sandwich do I want to eat?” and “What would make my 8-year-old self cry?”

No matter your age, it’s never too late to ask yourself if you’re living the life you want.

“Discovering one’s “purpose” in life essentially boils down to finding those one or two things that are bigger than yourself, and bigger than those around you. And to find them you must get off your couch and act, and take the time to think beyond yourself, to think greater than yourself, and paradoxically, to imagine a world without yourself.” -Mark Manson

Darcey Blue on How to Make a Magical Life

Darcey has been a teacher of mine on the path of intimate relationship and allyship with the plants. She offers classes (in person and online), an herbal CSA, plant products, Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships, and her own raw beauty in Tucson, Arizona. I can’t wait to see her again in October 🙂 Check out her post on How to Make A Magical Life.

“Living from your hearts deepest desires- don’t waver from your deep stirrings and dreams- shed, shed and shed some more whatever doesn’t bring you closer to your spirit’s calling.  No matter if it hurts.  Because it will hurt some, and sometimes a lot.   Feel it, feel it deeply, don’t numb it, feel it free.”

-Darcey Blue, Shamana Flora

Darcey of Shamana Flora

Hineini: Here I Am!

I cannot offer you a satisfactory linear, logical explanation of where I’m going, but I can offer you my presence Now.

My name is Rivka. In Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, this is seen as related to karov, close. Rivka could be interpreted as the One Who Brings Us Closer, and that’s what I practice. I recently graduated from college, and now I’m continuing to learn and grow, following the teacher within, reflected in all the teachers without. I explore, I create connections and art (often art that shares those connections to spark others), and I receive support and guidance in reconnecting to our highest health, our full potential. As I navigate how to do this for myself, I naturally share it with others. I ask the plants to teach me, so that I may teach the rest of humanity. I ask Spirit to guide me, that I may be a blessing to all of creation. As I submit myself in service to the highest good for all, I allow myself to be drawn to where I’m needed and where I can learn. I’m attracted to certain teachers right now and certain places, and so I explore them. I take the step into the unknown and open up to what is before me, the lessons, the wisdom, the foundation laid by others, illuminating where I can help. I am far from alone.

In my past week in Wisconsin, I gained clarity on this somatic experience of being connected to all life. It’s from this place that I journey forward, humbly inhaling and exhaling. Forgetting and remembering. I, and we, are in a process of re-membering, putting our pieces back together. As I travel and connect with the people I’m drawn to, I hold the mirror up for others to see themselves reflected in these beings. I want you to meet these people and to know them as yourself, different faces of YOU.

This week I have the opportunity to pause in my home, the Twin Cities, and celebrate the Jewish New Year with family and friends before setting out on open-ended travels that bring me ultimately to the Bay Area of California. There I will continue my training in the art of Jewish priestessing, discovering myself as a Kohenet. Along the way I will meet with inspiring artists, healers and leaders, including several Jewish Renewal rabbis I admire. My friend Marcos of InfiniTree Media joins me for this first month in co-creation–I’m excited to see how spirit will work through our partnership! We intend to create a film from our experience and our connections that will ignite and feed the spark within its viewers.

I’m sure that as we open to this energy and intend to awaken to our highest selves, we’ll face challenges designed to help us release what no longer serves. Standing on the precipice as I do now, unemployed and soon to be home-free, I face my fears and limiting beliefs about myself with strength and faith in the power of Presence. In each moment, I open to awareness, clarity and compassionate self-expression. Being with the trees, my elders, peers and ancestors in Wisconsin, I learned more about myself and how my authentic being contributes to the world. I know the learning will never end. Baruch hashem! 

Thank you for your support. As I serve as a mirror for others, it’s a precious gift to have a witness to my own journey. I will do my best to be truthful and informative, even when the truth isn’t pretty. If you would like to support my path and contribute to the film Marcos and I offer, please consider donating to our travel fund.

May we awaken more fully to our wholeness with each breath. May we walk in love and peace.

In connection,