Happy birthday world!

I like to wish myself and others happy birthday every day, remembering that each day and actually each breath we are recreated. Each day we have the opportunity to look at the world with new eyes and receive the gifts all around us.

This morning a gentle rain awoke me just before dawn. Snuggled on the forest floor in my sleeping bag, I may not have noticed if my new friend Steve hadn’t called over to me and asked for my thoughts. Stirring from a dream, I looked up through the peep hole of my sleeping bag cocoon at the redwoods standing tall overhead. Sprinkling raindrops mixed with the scent of the trees suggested we stay and enjoy for a while. After a few minutes the rains began to pick up and we headed inside with Steve’s sweet 13-year-old dog, Sally, who’d been sleeping next to us.

I met Steve, a friendly giant/forest elf/architect/inventor in his mid-sixties, at Harbin Hot Springs last week. Though I’d been naked in warm pools outside in the mountains with a bunch of people all evening and morning, I hadn’t really met anyone. A couple hours before I headed back to San Francisco, I overheard a conversation in the kitchen that I had to interrupt.

When you hear someone sitting behind you describe very clearly the dream you had the previous night, I feel like that’s a pretty strong cue to join the conversation. That’s how I met Steve. We only spoke for about 15 minutes, but that was enough time to make plans for me to camp on his land in Boulder Creek this week and check out his natural architecture work. More to share on all this later.

I’m receiving the gift of this day even more than usual, in large part because it is the “actual” birthday of my partner! As I drove through the mountains on my way to wish him a happy birthday in the flesh, I pulled over to record a song I wrote him on the beach in Santa Monica this weekend. I asked G!d for someone to help me record it, and almost instantly a park employee drove by. I flagged her over and asked if she had a few minutes to help me out, and she graciously obliged. Here’s what we got…

Happy birthday Natan, happy birthday all of us!

Love and magic,



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