Houseless Fairy Seeks 1 Night Shelter


Yesterday’s Torah portion was Vayetze.
Jacob our forefather
teaches me faith.
One dream, one glimpse of the Divine Reality,
and he follows the goddess on a journey to a strange land,
works for 20 years, being tricked and cheated by his employer/father-in-law.
Still trusts G!d.
And asks for what he needs!

Today I woke with a mind full of thoughts.
After two months of nomadic life,
one more day.
one more uncertain night
where will I sleep?
The car wouldn’t be so bad…
So I’ll spend the day embodying goddess
and celebrating the wild ride she’s guided me on.
My kavanah: strength, faith.

One more day
one more opportunity
to live little dreams I dreamt in Minnesota…
like busking!

Thank you MaMuse for “Chico Gospel”–
You brought me my first dollar
and the next
and the next

Thank you Shekhina
You brought Joshua

whose name and deed affirms your grace:
“Yahweh is salvation.”

I am deeply humbled
and joyfully dancing
I asked and you heard me
I laid down my pride and my hat
and you have filled me overflowing
with Love for all creation.

When I left two months ago
I had hopes
and a trust in the calling I felt in my body,
my soul’s stirring.

I started walking.
I kept going.
I got scared sometimes,
wanted to stop
You kept me safe

Let every breath I take be in praise of the One
May I repay the kindness shown to me tenfold
May my life contribute to the happiness and freedom of all beings everywhere.

In deep love and gratitude,



2 thoughts on “Houseless Fairy Seeks 1 Night Shelter

  1. remember the goddess riding on the tiger was it? blessings before and behind you, above and below you, may you continue to be surrounded, light filled, and loved.


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