Six Hands > Six Figures

Follow the sunlight
and the groaning of
hungry hearts
Find a patch of concrete
to sit and Praise Oneness

Beats interwoven
Names exchanged
Drums traded
In that order

We put out a container
for the three of us to share
But it’s not about the money

This is about love
This is healing
This is a radical proclamation
of all that is Sacred
YOU who work a 9-5 at the bank
YOU who sleep under its awning
YOU who pass this spot every day
and start to feel, something’s different
Come dance with us!
You are safe in the sound waves
of the Mother Gaia’s heartbeat
You are loved in ancient words
sung to Creator
You are home
and we are family
and YES, I know, it feels
to remember.

In a time when it is “safer” to work in
than ceremony
We will not bow down
to your corporate idols.

Six figures
have nothing
six drumming hands.


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