Wish List

Dear Ones,
Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks a new cycle through space and time for this body. If you feel a desire to join me in celebrating this miracle of life, this is my wish list for us:

-make eye contact and smile at each person you pass
-show/tell yourself you love yourself
-take a moment to close your eyes, hands on your body, and breathe
-tell someone you love them and why you appreciate their being
-question your assumptions and beliefs
-ask for help when you need it
-hug/kiss/talk with a tree or other plant
-nurture a dream
-give thanks for clean food, air and water and pray that all beings may have access to these in right relationship forever more
-honor and express your truth
-release tension with a big sigh/loud noise
-learn something new
-create abundance through sharing whatever gift arises in the moment
-linger a little longer in a hug
-initiate that hug
-celebrate the gift of your life


With overflowing love and gratitude,