Year in Review: In 12 Months I’ve learned to Dance with Everything

Mmm grateful for the words of brother Daniel..

“Excitement. Anticipation. Joy. Fear. Confusion. Doubt. These have been close friends on this journey. The pleasure I found in the past year has been just letting these be close friends and nothing more. When there is fear, to see it as a messenger to slow down and re-ground, to remember what is important to me and who I really am. When there is doubt, to take action nevertheless, and to know that whatever happens, the result will not be final or finished. When there is joy and excitement, to savor and enjoy without clinging and grasping, knowing full well that they will pass.”

In The Verge

I’ve wanted to write another blog post for a long time. Each time I sat down to write, I would think that there was too much to say, not know how to say it, then get overwhelmed, and then give up.

This blog is a space for me to write my truth as I see it in the moment, and sometimes that truth is hard to see through the fog. But sometimes that fog lifts, and things are far more clear and simple, yet mysterious and wild, than my mind could have ever imagined. The fog is lifting now, daunting possibilities are showing themselves to me. Something is within reach that I’ve never been or seen, but have always known deep down.  Do you know what I mean?

Are you willing to say yes to your visions, dreams, and goals? I have many doubts about my dreams and goals for…

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