Rivka’s art flows between many media, with a focus on creative connections. She dances daily with embodying the meaning of her Hebrew name: The One Who Brings Us Closer. Through ritual, healing, guided movement meditation and sacred witnessing, she holds space for connection to our Mother Earth, to one another, and to the part of ourselves that knows that ultimately we are cells of one organism.

Rivka recently migrated to the Bay Area to begin a training in the Sacred Feminine tradition of embodied, earth-based Jewish ritual: Hebrew Priestessing, or Kohenet. On her way to the home of Kohenet West, Rivka and her friend Marcos interviewed artists, healers and spiritual leaders for a documentary on tikkun olam, the transformation of our world through loving awareness. This intergenerational prayer for healing is currently in the editing phase, and expected to be released online by the end of Summer 2015.

Thank you for your presence, your witness, and your contribution to our interconnected web of life!



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    • Thank you so much, Clyde! This is definitely up my alley! I heard of a book called Alphabet of the Heart that I was told is about Hebrew and Sacred Geometry but haven’t been able to find it or anything about it…do you know of it?


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