The Right Way

You tell me
I don’t know
The right way
How to connect to G!d

While you have been
memorizing the words
of other men
I’ve been dreaming with Her
Dancing and building,
sneaking out to the meadow at night
for a secret rendezvous

She teaches me daily
to access new rooms
new libraries of knowledge
new galaxies of inspiration
living between my atoms

We who are not invited to class
study in her womb
All her creations teach us
Our fingers still reach out to touch
We’re still sampling the garden’s fruits

You who shush me
as I sing Shabbas songs
through the streets
of the Old City
You’re welcome at this banquet

As we unlock the gates
and discover new wells
We are overflowing

I don’t know
The Right Way
how to connect to G!d

You’re right
Only so long as
you can keep me
from knowing myself.