Ritual Revolution

It’s been an interesting week.
I held ceremony in the streets of San Francisco.
I travelled to Harbin Hot Springs to have a dream about truth, boundaries and the merkava.
I got to do Priestess work at my day job.
I had sleeping and waking moments of sleeping and waking dreams.

Things are different now.
There’s no going back.
I don’t know how it will come together,
and I know what’s true for me will guide
the way forward:
Ritual Revolution.

I’m undergoing a fundamental shift in my core beliefs, lifestyle, essentially my personal culture.
And because the core of this shift is interconnectedness,
integration of my authentic self, embodiment of my essence
are undeniable.
I am a Priestess of the Present, wherever I go.
On my 2-mile walk to work,
in my apartment,
on BART,
I am here to hold space for connection.
To reflect the sacred light within all life.
My inner guide is my supervisor
and my breath is my paycheck.
I promise,
I’m doing my best.

Thank you for being.
Thank you for Being with me.


Six Hands > Six Figures

Follow the sunlight
and the groaning of
hungry hearts
Find a patch of concrete
to sit and Praise Oneness

Beats interwoven
Names exchanged
Drums traded
In that order

We put out a container
for the three of us to share
But it’s not about the money

This is about love
This is healing
This is a radical proclamation
of all that is Sacred
YOU who work a 9-5 at the bank
YOU who sleep under its awning
YOU who pass this spot every day
and start to feel, something’s different
Come dance with us!
You are safe in the sound waves
of the Mother Gaia’s heartbeat
You are loved in ancient words
sung to Creator
You are home
and we are family
and YES, I know, it feels
to remember.

In a time when it is “safer” to work in
than ceremony
We will not bow down
to your corporate idols.

Six figures
have nothing
six drumming hands.

The Right Way

You tell me
I don’t know
The right way
How to connect to G!d

While you have been
memorizing the words
of other men
I’ve been dreaming with Her
Dancing and building,
sneaking out to the meadow at night
for a secret rendezvous

She teaches me daily
to access new rooms
new libraries of knowledge
new galaxies of inspiration
living between my atoms

We who are not invited to class
study in her womb
All her creations teach us
Our fingers still reach out to touch
We’re still sampling the garden’s fruits

You who shush me
as I sing Shabbas songs
through the streets
of the Old City
You’re welcome at this banquet

As we unlock the gates
and discover new wells
We are overflowing

I don’t know
The Right Way
how to connect to G!d

You’re right
Only so long as
you can keep me
from knowing myself.


A poem I wrote on Kohenet retreat last week…
[Kohenet is Hebrew for “priestess”. I’m one of about 18 women going through the first west coast training in embodied, earth-based, transformative Jewish leadership and ritual arts.]

January 21, 2015

Tears come
the wounded place says
Dam them up
I let them drip their way down my body
held in cupped hands by the prayers of my sisters

Words come
the wounded place says
Write them down
I let them weave deeper into muscle memory
so my dance becomes testimony

Spirit comes
the wounded place says
Hold on tight
I let her whisper and pass through
stillness holding holy echoes

for so long the wounded place
has directed
walled herself in, encircled by her pain
wanting to know it so deeply she forgot
She lives in wholeness

In this circle of sisters
fingertips touching
transmitting invitation
To come in truth
The door opens
And I dance through



When we drop the illusion of constancy

the structures that give our lives a sense of meaning


comforting familiarity

all that remains are cycles

Inhale, exhale.

Full moon, new moon.

Expansion, contraction.

High, low.

Light, darkness.

It’s all taking place Now. We see in cycles because we adhere to the concept of Time.
As we move through the night, stepping tenderly or with abandon past our familiarity, all we experience exists also in a higher octave


to the one who remembers themselves

as Light

Grasping for the high from a low

brings suffering

Hold your breath too long on an inhale

and you suffocate

Peace comes as we embrace cycles

and harmonize our lives

to sweetly sing along