Tikkun Olam: Unite & Ignite!

Note: The film’s focus has undergone refinement since the making of this video. Please read below for an update on our intended emphasis.

Rivka Shapiro and Marcos-Juarez Gosselin came together through our involvement with Face Forward: Humanity Through Art, a nonprofit whose mission is to foster a socially aware artist community in the Twin Cities. We spent October 2014 on a journey through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California to embody this vision of art for social change.

Our travels were a field study in transformation and healing, on both personal and global levels. Marcos and Rivka are each on a path of contributing to tikkun olam, the repairing of our world, through our own unique gifts. We believe that when we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, we find a sacred relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth. Rivka studies and shares embodied spiritual experience through yoga, healing and plant connection, rooted in the Jewish Renewal movement. Marcos creates media that spreads hope and light, utilizing today’s vast opportunities for digital connection to exchange positive energy. Our shared travels brought us into co-creation with spiritual leaders, healers, and artists at the forefront of healing the wound of Separation. Through interviews with these inspiring folks, we’ve gathered a variety of perspectives on tikkun olam and sacred livelihood. Major sub-themes include the merging of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles/energies, community solutions, and connection with the earth.

We are currently editing these interviews into an hour-long documentary to engage viewers’ hearts and inspire action toward a more peaceful and loving world for all.  

This exploration guides Rivka’s immediate career path, and therefore emphasizes a Jewish perspective. Many of our interviewees are Jewish Renewal leaders helping to repair the dissociation of diasporic Judaism from the body and environment. Rivka’s work forms a bridge between her Jewish community’s healing process and the larger transformation of our world.

Featured interviewees/participants:

Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny of Congregation Nevei Kodesh
Maggidah Charna Rosenholtz, Storyteller/Jewish Educator
Egan Elston, Cooperative Housing Leader
Chances R Good, Spiritual Rapper
Rabbi Shefa Gold, Director of C-DEEP: The Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice
Rabbi Sarah Leah Grafstein, Congregation Ruach Hamidbar
Allen Anderson, Naturopathic Doctor, Energy Medicine Praticioner
Deena Fishbein, Community Member at Windspirit Community
Don, Community Member at Windspirit Community
Darcey Blue, Shamanic Herbalist
Rabbi Mike Comins, Founder of Torah Trek
Kohenet Taya Shere, Co-founder of Kohenet( Hebrew Priestessing) Institute
Madamn Burnz, Aerialist/Aerials Instructor, Director of Sky High Odditorium


If you feel moved to support this project, please click here to donate with PayPal. Anything helps as we devote our time and energy to editing an inspiring and free film that spreads awareness of positive avenues for transformation!

Thank you for your presence in the world at this exciting time! May you be Love.


Marcos’ newest video release:


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